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We leverage our network and expertise in import and export logistics to create opportunities for our clients to improve their supply chain cost efficiencies.

We offer a broad array of product management, distribution and supply chain solutions, all of which are tailored to the unique needs of the customer business model. As an efficient and effective supply chain is a key enabler of a successful business strategy, we aim to understand our clients business inside and out, to ensure that we offer a competitive advantage.

Our aim is to deliver all consignments to the right place, at the right time, and at the right price. We continually strive to improve our processes, including making the most efficient use of our resources, in order to provide a consistently high service, while providing our clients with cost-effective logistics solutions.

As an owner-run company we pride ourselves on being community-oriented, and see our clients as part of the Shippler family. As logistical partners to our clients we put our complete shipping environment experience to work for them, working on finding the most innovative solutions, and ones that will simplify their shipping services.

How can Shippler decrease the load?

Most modern companies are already charged with handling complex tasks such as management, human resources, production and marketing. Whilst these core functions are a priority, often the internal capacity and expertise required to deal with the crucial task of shipping and logistics, is not present.

A unique part of Shippler’s service offering is our concept of partnering with companies that are looking to simplify their shipping services. How do we do this?

  • we evaluate their basic shipping needs;

  • communicate and contract with third party logistics and transport providers on their behalf;

  • simplify the available shipping options; and

  • consolidate the supply chain.

Our objective is to create efficiencies in the transportation process that will help reduce order cycle time, while working closely together with our customers to reduce their overall end-product cost. In our industry it is vital for us to stay ahead of the rest by benchmarking and offering reliable, continuous services.

It is our role to provide our customers with the competitive edge in supply chain environment. We are whole-heartedly committed to bringing innovative ideas and effective resources to bear, to the benefit of our clients, thereby enabling them to improve their customer service while reducing their total logistics cost. 



To provide a service that exceeds current industry standards.


To provide our customers with a world-class logistics solution that:

  • is specific to their business requirements;

  • will support their growth; and

  • is conducted with nothing less than operational excellence.


  • Passion: We are passionate about our organisation and our industry.

  • Transparent communication: We establish expectations by communicating openly with our employees, our suppliers, service providers and customers.

  • Shared goals: We align our goals with those of our employees, suppliers, service providers and customers.

  • Continuous improvement: We are motivated by innovation and constantly strive to provide better solutions.

  • Innovation: We create and implement innovative services and solutions.

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