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Supply Chain Consulting



Analysis, design and optimisation.

At Shippler we have the technology and capability to provide and operate an end-to-end supply chain solution that will provide clients with more visibility of their cargo in transit. During the planning process we consider the impact that extended transit times have on the supply chain and endeavour to provide the fastest possible solution, at the most reasonable cost.

Our services can either be directly contracted where we manage specific services within the supply chain or we can support a company's supply chain teams in sourcing and procuring services under their direct control.

We provide supply chain services from non-exclusive logistic partners in order to optimise performance and efficiency of these outsourced services. These services are sourced with a tailor-made solution in mind, one that will enable our customers to focus on other areas of their business while still optimising their supply chain. We take a holistic approach to every client's supply chain, putting ourselves into their shoes to be able to recommend the most suitable and complete end-to-end processes.

We understand that changing demands, increasing market channels and accessing new and emerging markets can have a dramatic impact on a company's supply chain efficiency and performance. We continually analyse, adjust and optimise our client's supply chain in line with their logistical needs.

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