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Air Freight 

The dynamic airfreight environment is challenging in that it constantly needs to respond and adapt to changing demand. To maintain your supply chain and your customer service levels, it is therefore of utmost importance to have a logistics partner who provides a stable and reliable service. Shippler’s fast and flexible transport solution is tailor-made for the delivery of each client's time-critical freight.

We work hard to deliver an optimal solution to our customers, including monitoring shipments door-to-door, providing location information as it is needed. By combining the speed of air with efficient customs and administrative procedures, our services contribute positively towards our clients’ production lines, launch deadlines, lead times and inventory challenges.

The complexities our customers face mostly requires a unique solution, and in response to this we have designed a comprehensive range of products tailored to meet specific needs:

Premium Cargo

Our Premium cargo services are designed to cater for unavoidable emergencies. These shipments have a pre-defined transit time of 1-3 days, and are booked on the first available flight. This service is ideal for breakdown scenarios, production line stoppages, out-of-stock situations, stock shortages, or fast-selling items that cannot endure long transit times, to name a few.

Economy Cargo

Our Economy cargo services are designed for customers whose main consideration is cost. We use our preferred global partners and routing options for branch-to-branch shipping and this service has a transit time of 4-7 days. This economy cargo service is ideal for inventory of medium urgency, that can be planned precisely and in advance. It is also used by many customers to transport cargo that is too valuable for sea freight options.

International Express

International express is a door-to-door service ideal for shipments of up to 20kgs. It allows companies to courier samples, documents, tender applications and any other smaller-sized cargo with a short lead time, and that needs to be delivered door-to-door.

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